Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Heiress

The breaking news of the past few weeks is that voters are falling for Clinton. They find her charismatic, intelligent, and a candidate that they would love to vote for. The only problem is that casting a ballot for her will have to wait because the Clinton voters are impressed by is Chelsea, not her mother, who is currently in the race for the Democratic nomination.

Chelsea, with her fathers charisma and her mothers impressive no-nonsense intelligence is a combination of two of the most common and influential political archetypes. She is well poised to be the heiress to the Clinton political dynasty.

In the past Chelsea Clinton has been hidden from the world. Her teenage years spent in the White House were fiercely protected from the prying eyes of the media. Now well into her twenties she has only broken her no interview once despite being a current fixture on her mother’s campaign.

She has become one of her mothers most valued surrogates, even more so than her father former President Bill Clinton, who has a tendency to cause trouble for his wife. Initially her presence on the campaign trail was received with skepticism, but she has continued to win voters over with her self confidence and easy going attitude.

A few weeks ago the New York Magazine wrote a piece on the daughter of the Clinton’s and pondered her potential future in politics. The article draws a interesting parallel because in a few months she will be the same age that her father was the first time he entered into the political arena. Her role in her mother’s campaign is sparking the interest of politicos throughout the United States and helping to fuel this debate.

Because she appears to have the perfect combination of her mothers mind and fathers likeable personality she is easily classified as the best of both worlds. These personal qualities are what are needed to be a successful politician especially at the federal level.

Chelsea almost appears to have been raised for a future in politics. With no embarrassing college moments such as those as of the Bush twins she is not only a natural but also well prepared for a seamless entrance into politics.

Taking into consideration the fact that I personally may not agree with her politics, as a young professional woman I am still able appreciate that Chelsea is a strong women who can prove to the world that she is more than a pretty face or an object of adoration. Her success is admirable and despite her political ideology I will hope the best for her.

Not only is she a personal role model, Chelsea Clinton should be a role model for all young women who have political ambitions. Despite all of the stereotypes that women have broken and the numerous achievements females have made there are still a number of biases for women in politics. Hillary Clinton is the perfect example.

Hillary is seen as hard and emotionless and despite all of her efforts to appear feminine and soft she cannot seem to get it right. The larger problem is that she has been criticized for this.

I can only hope that Chelsea is the next generation of women who are able to embody mental sharpness and an easy going likeability that men never seem to have an issue with. Her performance on the campaign trail seems to be an indicator that politics comes naturally to her and now the only question left to answer is whether she will inevitably follow in the footsteps of her parents and become a politician herself.

For the sake of my generation of women who have found the balance between masculinity and femininity and intelligence and likeability I hope that she does choose to enter politics, or at least the public arena. She would be the perfect individual to help pave the road for women who would like to have it all.


B.Kuz said...

Great article! I agree for the most part :)

The Chipped Stele said...

Is it really a good thing that Chelsea Clinton--one of the most privileged young people on the planet--should become heir to a political dynasty? It seems unfair to me that someone who has had almost every possible advantage in life should be able to inherit a political machine and become a successful politician.

I'm sure it's not easy to deal with the media spotlight, but I think most people would willingly tolerate the cameras if they could be rich and incredibly well-connected. The best one can say about Chelsea Clinton is that she's well-mannered and well-educated. I can say that about many people I know, so I see nothing special about her.