Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Save the Democrats

Political Math posted a comment on my blog asking who I feel should drop out first in the Democratic Party to let the nominee prepare adequately for the general election and after pondering the answer is still I do not know. I believe that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama need to sit down with the leaders of the Democratic Party and have an honest and open discussion about who will be more likely to beat John McCain. I know that Democrats have done intense polling on this subject and need to let the numbers do the talking if the Democrats want the White House back in their control.

After these numbers are scrutinized the candidate who is less likely to win needs to accept the Vice Presidency and the fight needs to end for the sake of their party.

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Tall Asian Guy said...

I'm an Obama supporter, but I disagree with the idea of one having to drop out. I think elections should be done for the sake of Americans not for the sake of a party. If McCain wins "as a result", too bad, but that's whom the Americans wanted. I really don't like Obama's surrogates who keep telling her to drop out.